Welcome to Lulu's Dessert

Pull up a chair and join in the festival of flavors with Lulu’s Gelatin Desserts. It has become quite a spoon spectacular since Lulu first began. The party started out small; it was just Lulu making her mom’s gelatin recipe. Lulu was the first to turn ready to eat gelatin into a main event. Spoons went crazy for it. The party grew so big that Lulu couldn’t handle it alone and had to call in help from established markets and wholesale distributors. Lulu wanted everyone to enjoy her festival of flavors. She kept making more and more varieties; it was a carnival of colors with acts of 3-layer gelatins and fruit parfaits. Lulu made dessert sized gelatin for groups of spoons, and individual sizes for spoons on the run. Lulu also packed gelatins in festive packs of wild new colors and flavors. The spoons couldn’t stay in their seats, have you ever seen a spoon dance of joy?

Lulu’ spoon spectacular is still going strong and it’s coming to your town soon! Since 1982, nationwide people have been climbing aboard her gelatin carousel.